Adhesive Photoluminescent Tapes – These “glow-in-the-dark” tapes are energized by a new, long-lived photo-luminescent mineral (strontium oxide aluminate) that is non-toxic & non-radioactive.

These photoluminescent tapes are 9 mils thick (9/1000″) and charge fully with only 5 minutes of exposure to light.
Any type of light will charge the tape, but sunlight, halogen, xenon, & fluorescent lights work best.
They can be recharged nearly an infinite number of times and can last as long as 20 years.

Great on frisbees at night.
Also on light switches, instruments, controls, steps and handrails, stairways, emergency exits, and evacuation corridors – anything important to see when the lights go out.

These tapes are adhesive with a peel-off backing, so be sure to apply only to clean, dry, oil-free surfaces that are above 50°F.

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